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Portsmouth One Off Cleaning

In today's busy schedule it is not so hard to observe that the free time is most affected. It is felt especially in regards to the cleanliness at home. And it's not a surprise. Between work and children, who really have the strength to care for the household needs in depth? You may not notice it right away, but your visitors will, if they go into your property and it's neglected and dirty.

Consider deep one-time clean and get a cleaning visit only when you need it, which will keep your domestic environment healthy for a long time. Our One off cleaning in Portsmouth have become very popular service. Now almost every family use occasional cleaning at least twice a year or even more frequently. Feel the difference, call 074 2950 4979!

Thorough Cleaning for a Healthy Living

The dust and dirt contain contain pollen, skin flakes, hair, micro-organisms and different chemicals. Poor cleaning means that you breathe the dust when you use the room. You and the people around you are under the risk of health issues. In order to prevent all these dangers and as our respected client, you have the following options:

  • One-time cleaning for the entire house or flat should be better performed for a minimum of 3 hours. If the living space is too big, we recommend 5 hours cleaning and from 3 to 5 cleaners to achieve impeccable results at your home.
  • You are free to choose one off cleaning in Portsmouth for particular premises. It is all about your demands and needs, so the team will do everything you order. This is what we call customer's close collaboration.
  • Engage one cleaner for a minimum of 4 hours for hoovering, mopping, washing, and tidying.
  • We can provide detergents and equipment (vacuum cleaner, mop, special dusters and other cleaning tools). If you prefer so, we can use yours. This may be a cheaper option and you will save money and time from providing the team parking place.
  • We can come whenever you want, and clean so thoroughly that the area remains in good shape for a long time. Consider the idea for a one off cleaning as the best budget-friendly solution for you. You will be really satisfied, that's a guarantee!

Grab the phone and contact us on 074 2950 4979! Get your quote and wait for the Portsmouth one off cleaners, it's worth it!

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