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Professional carpet cleaning improves the appearance of your home décor as well as the image of your office. It also helps to promote a dust-free, healthy environment. The dry soil that can be found in carpeting, causes premature wear and gives carpets a dull look. Proper deep carpet cleaning includes extracting those abrasive particles, restoring the good looks and removing stains. Vacuuming is not sufficient because it cleans only superficially. Dust accumulation in carpeting can attract microbes to your living environment who would live in the carpet fibres invisible but harmful for your health, especially if someone around has asthma, allergy or other related problem.

Portsmouth carpet cleaners are experienced in two different methods of carpet cleaning. You will be given an upfront price quote which will include everything you will have to pay in the end. Our cleaning service can be carried out seven days a week even during holidays so it fits your busy schedule best.

What You Get by Booking Our Service:

  • Steam or dry carpet cleaning according to the fabric
  • Removal of dirt, dust mites and allergens
  • High-quality and eco-friendly cleaning detergents and equipment

Don`t forget to ask about Scotchgard Protector - this protective layer works for any kind of fabric and it will preserve it from spills and dirt approximately a year ahead.

This Is How We Do It!

Portsmouth carpet cleaners will inspect and treat any high-traffic and heavily soiled areas. Then a hot water extraction process is performed. An eco-friendly cleaning solution is injected together with very hot water deep into the carpet fibres. After that, the dirt and water are extracted altogether leaving the fabric with no trace of filth. The carpet will be slightly damp to the touch but most of the moisture is gone. No soapy residues, no dust mites, no dirt! This is the power of our steam carpet cleaning in Portsmouth.

For those who have installed delicate carpets and rugs, prone to water damages, we perform dry carpet cleaning in Portsmouth. Your special needs are no problem for us since we have been delivering dry carpet cleaning for decades. Rest assured that after the process, your sensitive fibres will be fully refreshen!

We can clean your upholstery, too. Our Portsmouth carpet cleaners will do their best to make the service as convenient as possible! We always strive for complete satisfaction of our customers!

Get yourself a quote right away on 023 8015 8787! You deserve clean and hygienic carpets, that's for sure!

A Tip from the Professionals

Did you know that a very efficient method cleaning that works for a wide range of different stains is using shaving cream on the spot? Not only it is very economical but it is also effective. It can even help you remove pet accidents. We do not recommend you using coloured, menthol or gel-based shaving cream as it may cause discolouration. Foam plain white one would work the best. Check out the steps of the carpet cleaning procedure.

  • Pre-clean the carpet – sweep it and then vacuum it to remove any embedded dirt particles.
  • Apply shaving cream – spray it on the spot and let it sit for up to 30 minutes. Using a scrub brush, gently rub in the cream. It is important not to be too harsh as this might break down the carpet fibres.
  • Rinse off the residues – dampen a soft cloth with a water-vinegar solution. Blot the area dry until the stain fully disappears. Have in mind that it is better to work from the outer edge towards the middle of the stain.
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